[wedo] is a Creative
Technology Company .

Whether it’s technologywebsites or marketing, our close-knit team of developers, integrators and creatives all share a common passion. Digital problem solving that gets results.

Who’s ready for storytime?

[wedo] was created by a group of fun, likeable and driven individuals with one goal in mind, to help people through technology and marketing.

As each of us navigated our way through the corporate world, we started to recognise patterns and problems that companies were struggling with. This sparked conversations about how we would run our own business.

We feel that traditional tech companies can seem a bit boring, solutions are made over-complicated, there’s a lack of innovation and day rates are hyperinflated. Born in the cauldron of tired eyes and empty beer glasses was [wedo].

We created a company where all our values align and our different outlooks could thrive.

Ultimately, we take complex things and make them simple. We want to make it easy for our clients to work with us, what we are doing and why we are doing it. Concentrating on adding value at every turn and making a friendship in the process!

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what wedo.

We simplify even the most complex designs, so that the value and benefit can be easily recognised.

We cost our services in the fairest way possible and will always help you to navigate budget constraints.

Our intention is to make web. technology and creative services more accessible, less directive and far more collaborative.

We're not saving lives here, but we should be at least adding meaningful value for each one of our customers. Who may well be saving lives…?

“Where people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.”

― David Ogilvy

Is to help you to recognise the value of technology, by keeping it super simple. This means you can alleviate growing pains and reclaim time from unwanted weekend admin.

We intend on ensuring technology and creative services are more accessible, come from a world free of buzzwords and hard selling. Full of empathy of your objective, your audience and you budget.

[wedo] want to simplify work, show you the technology which is most fitting for situation, a website that delivers value, revenue and help drive engagement through a handful of meaningful creative services.

Straight forward and simple.

There are a whole host of methodologies out there, we align to a few but there is no need to bore you with them now. We listen, we empathise and we carefully support you through each stage of our process:

  • Design
  • Confirm
  • Build
  • Test
  • Complete

We will not however, get lost in process. Whilst its important to have structure, if you trust us to get cracking with an update or new integration without bothering you with workshops, then that’s what we’ll do.

Would work be simpler if you had the time to think?

Sometimes taking a step out of your comfort zone and letting technology do the work makes your work a lot simpler.

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